Flavio De Stefano

i have studied computer engineering and i work as a developer for caffeina in parma, italy.

i started to learn how to code at 16 (c, c++ and .net), and soon it became my passion, not just my work.

i started as a full-stack developer using php + classical web techs (html + js + css) as main technologies, studying at the same time the canvas js api to make beautiful and low-level animations.

after that, i specialized building api using laravel and making some experience with high-scalable node.js application, other than simple cli scripts. then i started to learn titanium since 3.x release, becoming a core contributor of this awesome framework.

i actively contribute to open source projects, view my public activity.

the project of which i am most proud of is trimethyl, an open-source titanium toolchain developed for caffeina.

I believe that one of the greatest satisfactions in this life is to create something on your own,
and my best way to do so is by coding.


I list all my acknowledges, but remember that Imagination is more important than knowledge.

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