Flavio De Stefano

One of the greatest satisfactions is to create something on your own. My best way to do it's by coding.

Software Engineer for @Caffeina, Parma, IT.

I started to learn how to code during high school, studying algorithms and data structures in C and C++. In the meantime, I used to build simple desktop apps using .NET... and it immediately became my passion.

Specializing as a full-stack developer using PHP and classical web technologies, I loved to build animations using canvas and JS API. Then, I focused on building REST backends using PHP and Laravel, and making some experience with high-scalable Node.js application and simple CLI utilities. During mobile era in 2015, I started to learn Titanium since 3.x release, becoming a core contributor of this framework.

I love to build useful stuff that solves (my) everyday problems, and as soon as I can I release Open Source projects. I'm currently studying cyber-security and I used to do CTF competitions.

Known as @kopiro.



OSS Projects


GPG: 0xEDE51005D982268E