Hello, I'm Flavio De Stefano, alias kopiro.

I studied computer engineering and I'm currently a Backend and Mobile coordinator for Caffeina in Parma, Italy.
I started to learn how to code at 16 (C, C++ and .NET), and soon it became my passion, not just my work.

I started as full-stack developer using PHP + classical web techs as main technologies.
After that, I specialized building API using Laravel and making some experience with NodeJS applications.
Using MySQL for DBMS most of the time, I have also Oracle and MongoDB knowledge.

For mobile apps, I started to learn Titanium since 3.x release, becoming a core contributor of this awesome framework.

I usally build project with security in mind and I do a full pen-testing; in the free time I usally play CTF competitions.

I actively contribute to open source projects, view my public activity.

I believe that one of the greatest satisfactions in this life is to create something on your own,
and my best way to do so is by coding.

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